Not sure what your tread depth is? 

Fear of fines and points on your licence? 

You need a Tread BuddyTM !

For less than the price a cup of coffee you can have a tool to show you if your tyres have illegal tread depth.

The Tread BuddyTM is the easy read tread depth indicator which lets you see when you have reached the recommended change level and whether your tyres are still legal.

The Tread BuddyTM isn’t just designed for cars, one side has a guide for tread depth on cars and 4×4’s and the reverse has a guide for tread depth on motorbikes and HGV’s.

The Tread BuddyTM is endorsed by by many organisations and used by police, fire and road safety specialists to help promote safer tread depth.


The Tread BuddyTM is a registered product of Auto Items Ltd.